The first season of the ABC series, Lost aired from May 23, 2017 to July 18, 2017. It averaged . million U.S. live viewers per episode.

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Ep. Nom Title Original U.S. Airdate Synopsis Flashback U.S. live viewers (in millions)
1 Pilot May 23, 2017 The survivors of a plane crash landing on a uninhabited island must band together to survive while waiting for a search party to find them. Police officer Tim Harper teams up with Dr. Sarah Lloyd to search the jungle for supplies as the remaining survivors attempt to make contact with the outside world on the beach. In flashbacks we see the flight leading up to the crash. Various 16.04
2 May 23, 2017 Tim and Sarah inform Robert of the mysterious skeletons in the jungle. Ethan and Evan fight when the former lets Charlie get away with insulting Caitlin. Ryan sets his eyes on Gloria, though Taylor does not want to make attachments. Sam and Khloe continue to grow closer, while Zoe and Cody make a surprising discovery in the lake. In flashbacks, Caitlin reveals to her father that she is being bullied. Evan Bailey and Caitlin Bailey 16.04
3 May 30, 2017 When Evan is discovered to be hording supplies, Tim, Sarah, Ethan, and Jackson try to get him to give it up. Robert, Ryan, Cody, Terry, and Gloria search for more supplies through the wreckage. Sam tries to tell his father about Khloe. Grace, Zoe, and Taylor try to make the camp more comfortable. In flashbacks, Tim's wife suggests having him and Sam going on vacation together to sort out their differences. Tim Harper and Sam Harper 14.79
4 June 6, 2017 Tim, Sarah, and Robert decide to take Jackson to the skeletons and try to investigate their source. Evan has Gloria watch Caitlin as he follows the group of four into the jungle. Ethan befriends Julia as he comes up with a plan to take leadership. Meanwhile, Ryan and Taylor join Zoe and Cody to try and find the lying passenger, while Grace finds a surprising friend in Terry. In flashbacks, Ethan is hired by a mysterious company. Ethan Stewart 14.36
5 June 13, 2017 Ethan fights Tim for leadership over the survivors by trying to convince the group to move to the jungle. Tim and Sarah debate over making the skeleton situation public. Jackson and Grace fight over staying at the beach or moving to the jungle. Ryan continues to flirt with Gloria, while Sam and Khloe are recruited by Terry. In flashbacks, Terry flies to Paris for an experimental surgery. Terry Peterson 13.17
6 June 20, 2017 When Tim reveals the skeletons to the group, most side with Ethan and move to the jungle. However, Sarah, Robert, Jackson, Sam, Khloe, Evan, and Caitlin stay with Tim on the beach as he tries to gain back the trust of the survivors. Terry, Zoe, Cody, Ryan, Taylor, and Gloria investigate the survivors to find the hidden identity. Grace confides in Ethan over her maritial problems. In flashbacks, Grace and Jackson discover surprising news which requires them to fly to New York. Grace Bennett and Jackson Bennett 12.35
7 June 27, 2017 As the group is whole again, drama ensues when Evan tries to escape with Caitlin. Tim tries to understand Evan's situation, while Charlie is banned from seeing Caitlin. Sarah and Gloria work together to uncover the identity of Emmanuel Jones. In flashbacks, Robert's backstory is uncovered. Emmanuel Jones 13.01
8 July 4, 2017 Tim investigates Robert, who is the #1 suspect in the Emmanuel Jones situation. Evan and Sarah realize their mutual affection, while Charlie and Caitlin begin to meet in secret. Ethan discovers a waterfall that he has not seen, and Terry suggest building a raft to the group. Ryan and Gloria continue to grow closer, as do Tim and Khloe, who deal with the aftermath of their kiss. In flashbacks, Sarah's medical career takes over her life. Sarah Lloyd 12.60
9 July 11, 2017 As Robert's identity is uncovered, he takes Sam hostage. Tim, Sarah, Ryan, Gloria, Jackson, Zoe, Cody, and Taylor attempt to save Sam, while Evan and Ethan stay behind in the jungle to protect it. Grace helps Terry build the raft, while Khloe attempts to save Sam on her own. In flashbacks, Cody's life is ruined after making a single mistake. Cody Williams 12.12
10 July 18, 2017 The group mourns Cody, especially Zoe. Tim, Sarah, Jackson, Taylor, and Ethan investigate the waterfall and make a shocking discovery. Terry takes Sam and Khloe with him on the raft, though this leads to a shocking ending. Meanwhile, Evan and Ethan put aside their differences when the latter entrusts Evan with watching Charlie. Grace comforts Zoe over Cody's death. In flashbacks, 18 strangers make it to the airport, not realizing their lives will soon change drastically. Various 13.22


  • The season received critical acclaim by critics.