This page shows the timeline of the show.

Pre-2017 Crash Edit

3500 B.C.Edit

  • The aliens come to Earth and help the humans start up their civilization. "Episode 52"

2000 B.C.Edit

  • Jo-Sef is born as the aliens continue to help the humans survive after several near-apocalyptic events. "Episode 52"

550 B.C.Edit

  • The aliens raise The Island to the shore and entrust the ancestors of what becomes the A.D.A. with protecting it. "Episode 52"

20 B.C.Edit

  • The Islanders have passed down protecting the island from parent-to-child while the aliens continue to live on the mainland with the people. However, Roman Emperor Augustus slaughters most of the alien population. The survivors leave the planet and begin to cause the planet to slowly decay, while a small group of the survivors go to live on the Island, where the humans there continue to worship them as the humans on the mainland erase all history of the aliens from the planet. "Episode 52"

Post-2017 Crash Edit

September 2017Edit

September 5 (Day 1)Edit

  • The forty-two survivors of Emerald Airlines Flight 1959 crash on The Island. After setting up on the beach for the night, they attempt to contact civilization. "Pilot"

September 6 (Day 2)Edit

September 9 (Day 5)Edit